About Me

About Me

Countryside landscape
Hi, this blog is all about the countryside - I am fascinated by anything and everything out there and hope that you will enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for what makes the place tick!

I enjoy delving into all aspects of land management, by following the key issues affecting farmers, foresters, keepers and conservationists and how the decisions they make impacts on our amazing wildlife. Talking of wildlife - it doesn't matter if I'm observing a bird, insect, flower or mammal - ALL natural history captivates me!!

Why not take a look at my species of the month by clicking on the tab at the top of this page - they go back to 2009!

I have lived in the countryside all of my life and currently work as biodiversity advisor for the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, a job that takes me to all parts of England.

I am a keen amateur photographer, love all sport, but in particular rugby (follow Gloucester and England) and cricket (Worcestershire, Hampshire and England). Cooking, food and travel are key interests too - especially when they come together with great company!  


  1. Nice to see you on the blogoshere

  2. As an avid reader of 'Species of the Month' I was delighted when I discovered the blog's existence also!
    I hope this aquires the audience it deserves as the breadth of topics covered together with the informed & balenced insights are I think unique and provide me with complete justification of my GWCT subscription !