Sunday, 31 May 2015

A new GWCT Blog has just been launched and will become a "must read" I'm sure!

An early morning view on the Rotherfield Park estate, taken while I was doing a recent bird survey.
The GWCT has just launched a new Blog all about one of our major research projects at Rotherfield Park in Hampshire, so that you can follow the different activities from season to season on this wonderful rural estate.

Dr Francis Buner heads up the project and lives on the estate, so is very well placed to keep you up to date on what is happening on the farming, game bird and wildlife fronts. Francis is a passionate conservationist and a very good all round naturalist, but has a particular love for the Grey partridge.

Francis and I carry out the bird surveys on the estate on behalf of the GWCT, so I have a fairly regular catch up with him and know the estate well, so I am really pleased that this Blog has been launched, because I’m quite sure that he will fascinate you with snippets of interest, covering an incredibly wide range of topics.

So, save this link to your favourites as I’m sure it will in time become just that – a favourite!!     

I have also just been reading another one of the GWCT’s blogs which never ever ceases to amaze me – the Blog all about our Woodcock research. I have just taken this from the latest up-date to give you an example of what I mean!

“As you probably know, the satellite tags attached to each of our woodcock are solar powered which is why we sometimes go weeks without hearing from certain birds, depending upon their location.

It is therefore quite amusing to note that 
Nellie is currently in the Norwegian town of Rjukan, located in a valley where three giant mountainside mirrors are used to reflect natural sunlight on to residents in the winter months”.

Now that is what I call a considerate Woodcock! Read more about these incredible birds at:

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