Friday, 6 February 2015

The time has arrived to dust off those binoculars!

Don't forget to go and spot some birds during the next week, but remember, some may be quite well hidden!
The Big Farmland Bird Count (BFBC) starts tomorrow and lasts for a week, so come on everyone let’s get out and record some birds!

An amazing 1800 people have downloaded the recording sheets from the GWCT website so far, so you are going to be part of something pretty big! If you haven't already got yours - go to:

Having recorded them – please don’t forget to send the records into the GWCT.

Also, you might want to tune into the early evening BBC 1 Countryfile programme this Sunday as they are going to feature the BFBC.

Once we have collated all the results, the GWCT media department will make sure that the press get to know all about what you have discovered!

Most of all – enjoy yourselves – the weather looks set to be fine but cold – so lots of warm clothes!

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