Monday, 5 May 2014

Extremadura, Spain

The Extremadura region of Spain is twice the size of Wales and abuts the Portuguese border. (Fly to Madrid and then about 200 miles in a south westerly direction on excellent roads, with little traffic) It was my first visit to this stunning area, attracted there because of the amazing array of different habitats that the region offers - all within about an hours drive of each other. The wildlife at this time of year is nothing short of spectacular, with flower filled fields stretching as far as the eye can see and birds and butterflies everywhere! 
I can't wait to go back!
I have put a few pictures up for you to get a flavour of the area.

Mountains - some still with snow on the peaks

Fresh, bubbling streams

Flower filled plains that go on and on
Cork and olive trees 

Sensational wild flower fields

More wild flowers - always with a constant hum of insect life
And now for a few birds........

Collared Pratincoles


Bee-eater at nest hole

Bee-eaters were everywhere!

Spanish Imperial Eagle - a stunning bird

Griffon Vultures are helped with supplementary feeding and are doing well

Rock Bunting

Black Vulture

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