Monday, 3 March 2014

More bad seabird news due to the recent storms

Sea birds have not coped with the rough weather 
I have received this note from a birder on Jersey who is justifiably concerned over the number of dead birds that he is picking up on the island's coastline.

"We've picked up over 850 birds in Jersey so far. Mostly razorbills but lots of other species including 10 great northern divers, red-necked grebe, little auk, Mediterranean gull and skylark. Rings are from further north except for shags which are local. If you were planning to visit the Channel Islands to see sea birds this year, you might want to watch the news! Alderney’s gannets do look OK though, but we wait with dread to see how the numbers of puffins and shags will look this year on their breeding grounds".

I will try and keep you up-dated once the breeding season gets under way.

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