Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Scots make a big garlicky mistake!

Not a good pitch to play on!
All is not well at Scotland’s Murryfield  rugby stadium in Edinburgh -  something underground is munching away at the grass roots, leaving large bare patches of mud all over the pitch. Add to each earthy patch a bucket load or two of rain water and you have the potential for some very slippery surfaces – not a good scenario for set scrums that’s for sure.

Dubbed “Maggotfield by the media, the little wrigglers have already forced the Edinburgh rugby club to move home fixtures and staff at the venue have been working hard on a solution. I expect that the culprits are certainly not maggots but wireworm, leatherjackets or Chafer grubs that are in fact causing the problem.

The Scottish Rugby Union’s ground staff has been treating the pitch with a garlic spray in a bid to solve the issue and to preserve the pitch for next month’s Six Nations meeting with France. A spokesman said, "we've been working with some of the leading experts in this area to examine and treat one of world rugby’s best pitches, and by using natural remedies, including the spraying of garlic, we are hoping to have solved the problem, however it may take a number of weeks to get rid of the pests and then to recover root strength.

Scotland have struggled against France in recent years and therefore I not at all sure that I would have chosen garlic as the preferred treatment – talk about making the French feel at home when they turn up next month!!

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