Friday, 29 November 2013

Badgers extend their range to Israel!

I couldn't help smiling when I heard on the radio that a little boy came home from a day at his primary school in Gloucestershire, and announced that he is be a “Badger” in this year’s nativity play!

Firstly, I never ever remember Badgers peering over the edge of the crib in Bethlehem – do you? And secondly, dressing up as a Badger in Gloucestershire of all counties, could have profound consequences if there happen to be any DEFRA sponsored marksmen around!! Whatever they do, they should not let the little chap run around outside, practising how to be a badger, as he may well never make it as far as the stage!! Either the teacher is not too strong on the old faith bit, or perhaps she just has a rather wicked sense of humour – perhaps dad is a local farmer!!    

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