Sunday, 20 October 2013

Filming fabulous fungi!

Fly Agaric - a great love of mine!
 It has been a rather damp and dull weekend – but very mild – the ideal conditions for fungi to thrive I thought to myself! So I set off with my two fellow fungi foragers - Butter (Labrador) and Rosie (Lurcher) to see what I could find in my local woodland. It is an unbelievably productive autumn for nuts and berries and it very soon became apparent that it is also a fabulously fruitful fungi year too!

I was only out for a few hours, but managed to find a wide range of different fungi. What I love about having an interest in natural history is that it is such an enormous subject. Far from finding this daunting, I thoroughly enjoy trying to put a name to all sorts of different species and as a consequence I have a folder on my laptop entitled “In need of ID!!” My knowledge of fungi is poor, but that does not mean that I don’t find it a fascinating subject to dip into – the time spent pootling around my local wood in search of these bizarre and often colourful species, not only shot by ridiculously quickly it seemed, but was also completely and utterly absorbing - a wonderfully relaxing way to spend an afternoon!
I have put up a few photos of those that I came across and have managed to identify (correctly I hope!) and one that I'm not so sure about, but should without doubt be called the “Vienetta ice cream” fungi! Needless to say the “In need of ID folder” has swollen in size somewhat with lots of new fungus related images, waiting to be mulled over during a cold, wet Sunday sometime this coming winter.
Parasol Mushroom

Shaggy Ink Cap

Yellow Stagshorn

Should be Vienetta Ice Cream fungus -
but is probably Silverleaf fungus?   

My fellow fungus foragers!

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