Sunday, 13 October 2013

Don't feed your birds to death.

Greenfinch are particularly susceptible to the disease
Many of us will soon start to think about feeding our garden birds once more, even though the countryside is full of nuts and berries at the moment. I suppose we not only enjoy watching them at close quarters, but also like to make sure that our local birds are well catered for!  There does however seem to be an increasing chance that you might come across some birds looking rather lethargic and in poor condition. This is because they may be suffering from Trichomoniasis – a parasite which typically causes disease at the back of the throat and in the gullet. In adult birds trichomoniasis is usually spread through food or drinking water being contaminated by the droppings from an infected bird.
Greenfinch and Chaffinch seem to be particularly susceptible to the disease, so it is important to try and keep hygiene standards to a high level if we are not to find birds suffering in our own gardens. For more information go to:

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