Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Very small, pink and nationally scarce!

Cochylis flaviciliana 
I caught a very pretty little (and by little I mean a wingspan of 11-12 mm!) moth in the moth trap the other night and thought it might be quite an uncommon one, so I e-mailed a photo to Mike Wall, a brilliant local specialist of so called “micro” moths and after a couple of days he confirmed that it is a “nationally scarce” little beastie – in fact it appears that this is only the fourth to be caught in Hampshire (where I live) since 1990 and the first since 2002!
I must say that it is great to have Mike on hand to help with the ID of some of these little critters – he runs an excellent website called Hantsmoths which helps me to ID most, but if not he is always most willing to cast his expert eye and give you a name. This little beauty goes by the name of Cochylis flaviciliana and the caterpillars are so tiny that they actually feed INSIDE the seeds of field scabious!

For me, yet another amazing discovery, plucked out of this fascinating world and caught in my garden – can’t be bad!  In case you are wondering – all the moths I catch are released the next morning – unharmed!!  

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