Saturday, 17 August 2013

Do you buy British farmed produce?

British cattle on a British farm
Did the bacon buttie you had for breakfast this morning contain BRITISH bacon? Was the lamb you had for supper produced in the UK or had it travelled across the world from New Zealand? Not sure?  Well you should be!
The UK produces just 62 per cent of its own food. British food supplies would run out on August 14 if all the food produced in Britain in a year was stored and eaten from January 1.
The National Farmers Union (NFU) has launched a “Back British Farming charter” to get us all eating more food produced from British farms – go to:
Apparently a One Poll survey has revealed that 78 per cent of consumers thought supermarkets should stock more British food. All I can say is “what is wrong with the other 22% of consumers!!
I fully support the NFU on this campaign, as long as of course, they don’t take their eye of the ball as far as the environment goes. SUSTAINABLE farming at all times.

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