Friday, 5 July 2013

Hay making creates spectacular aerial display!

Cutting the grass

Hay making got underway today on the grass fields near to my house, so that when I got home I was treated to an aerial display from 4 buzzards and two red kites, attracted in by the possibility of a cheaply gained free meal in the form of a chopped up mouse or beetle. The red kites were much bolder than the buzzards and regularly got close to the tractor, while the buzzards seemed to prefer to harry the kites, should they actually find anything amongst the cut grass. This resulted in some spectacular aerial manoeuvres, with kite and buzzard spiralling down from the heavens! Red kites are definitely supreme in the skies however, so they easily managed to avoid the main buzzard charges, by simply and effortlessly turning their tail to veer off sideways or by lifting suddenly on an unseen upward draught – wonderful to watch!  
Cut grass drying in the sun

A red kite - master of the skies

The weather looks as though it is set fine for the next week, so the quality of hay should be good with easy conditions for drying and baling. I will keep you up to date with proceedings!

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