Monday, 15 July 2013

Children hold Elephants, Leopards and Tigers!

A close up experience with big moths!

The moth trap was in full swing over the weekend and catches were good, with lots of large Hawkmoths and other brightly coloured moths caught, so I kept some in captivity for a while as I had family, including young great nephews coming for Sunday lunch. There were Elephant and Poplar Hawkmoths, Leopard and Tiger moths to show off.
These larger moths are a wonderful way of engaging children (and adults!) who are amazed at the size and colour of some of these big moths, which also tend to be wonderfully behaved and just sit peacefully on a hand, allowing close scrutiny – perfect for that close up experience.
You never know, one of these guys might just have “caught the bug” as I did many moons ago and follow me in a lifelong fascination of wildlife – perhaps triggered by a short encounter with a colourful moth on a hot July day in Hampshire!
Elephant Hawkmoth

A Garden Tiger moth

A Leopard moth

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