Thursday, 6 June 2013

May should be called June this year!

Hawthorn in full flower
Hawthorn is often called “May” as it flowers during that month – but not in 2013 – it should be called “June” this year as it is in full bloom right now! (If you want to read more about Hawthorn – hit the “species of the month” tab at the top of this page and go to May 2012).    
I was out at 5.00 am this morning doing a bird survey on a Hampshire estate – the first 2 or 3 hours of daylight are always special, but particularly at this time of year as you have the countryside to yourself! When you leave the peace and “re-enter” into the hustle bustle of life, you feel rather superior that you have witnessed the day awake; everyone should rise early on occasions to witness a summer day start.
Not only is the Hawthorn flowering late, but also Ramsons (or wild garlic) seems to be well over a month late! Walking through a beautiful wood this morning, the slanting, dappled morning light picked out the bright white flowers, like theatre spotlights pick out actors, which when coupled with the intense garlicy smell of the plants, made for a memorable wander along the ancient track.       
The garlic walk

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