Monday, 17 June 2013

Is yoghurt making any good for birds?

A very early start today, as I was doing a bird survey for Yeo Valley farms in Somerset – yes, that’s right the yoghurt makers!  They farm organically and are interested to know what birds are to be found on the farms they manage and also if over time the numbers are increasing because of the way in which they farm.
I must say that they do appear to be a tremendously forward thinking company – full of ideas and projects, and certainly engage with their market – in other words you and me! If you take a look at their website – I think you will get what I’m saying in an instant!!
Traditionally, British farmers have not been great at dealing with the public, however, what with farmers markets and farm shops opening up and “open farm Sunday” being such a success, to mention just a few projects - I think things are really changing now.
Over time we shall see if the wildlife in the Yeo valley is prospering too!

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