Saturday, 25 May 2013

Councils should make further cuts!

Verge destruction!
In these times of severe budget cuts, we are continuously told that county councils have “no slack left” to prune things any further. So why then are Hampshire County Council, along with many other councils across the country as far as I can see, spending money on cutting road verges? Fine, cut back hedges and verges at road junctions and around important signs, but why on earth are they cutting the grass along the single track lane that passes my house, destroying the wonderful display of Cow Parsley that has just come into flower!  
Not only must they destroy many bird’s nests of species such Yellowhammer and Robin which nest very low down or even on the ground, but I expect also the little round tennis ball sized Harvest mice nests too. Also smashed up are many flowers such as Cowslip, which has not yet had time to set seed, in fact with such a late spring, most are still in flower. This really is unnecessary wildlife destruction and a total waste of money, so let’s make some more budget cuts – verge cutting cuts!  

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