Friday, 22 March 2013

Organic market share

I have just spotted that the UK organic area has shrunk still further in 2012 by a rather alarming 8.7% and now only represents 3.8% of overall UK production - around 656,000ha. It is interesting isn't it that most surveys asking people about to enter a supermarket, if they would consider buying organic food usually answer "yes". However, most then go on to fill their trolleys with non organic food! It is of course difficult for shoppers in the middle of a long recession, when money is tight and every penny is being closely watched, to pay more for organic food. 
 It is not all doom and gloom for organic producers however, as the under 35s age bracket significantly increased their average spending on organic products in 2012, which may in time point to a healthier future for the organic market. The under 35s are of course as poor as the rest of us, so there is probably much more to it than a simple price issue. Perhaps the younger generation are just less fickle than older folk and stand by their principles through thick and thin!        

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