Thursday, 21 March 2013

Farmland birds & FWAG

I have just given a talk to the South West Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group (SWFWAG) all about farmland birds, such as this yellowhammer.

This group of birds are reliant on farmland all the year round and require seeds and grain during the winter, good places to nest like hedgerows and grassy areas and also an abundance of insect food in the summer months to feed their hungry chicks. Although they have declined badly over the last 50 years, we now know what we need to do to bring them back in good numbers. So, giving an evening talk to a bunch of Somerset farmers in a Glastonbury pub, is a great way to spread the "gospel"!!

There really has been a massive sea change in farmers attidudes across the whole country and this room full of red faced healthy looking folk was no exception, if the multitude of questions asked was anything to go by!

It is also fantastic to see farmer backed regional FWAG groups such as this South West group, re-appear from the ashes after the collapse of the national FWAG organisation. The advisors who work for FWAG play a vital local role in helping farmers deliver the best possible habitats for wildlife. I wish them all the very best of success in their new smaller regional groups. Go to for more information and to join up - they need your support!

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